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  • A small effort
    makes a big change.
  • Could you do
    the difference
    Helping children who have no family across Togo and the world ...
    It's not how much we give, but how much love we give to give


AHDESC-TOGO (Humanitarian Association for Educational and Socio-cultural Development) is a non-profit, non-profit humanitarian association, without distinction of race or religion, located in Lomé, the Togolese capital. Created in 2010 and registered with the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local Authorities under the official authorization of N °: 0316, invoice n ° 0063 / MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA In accordance with the provisions of the law July 1, 1901 on the creation of associations.

Purpose of our association

 AHDESC-TOGO aims to improve the living conditions of the population, especially in rural areas, with a view to promoting humanitarian action through education, culture, health and sport, etc. to consolidate human, sustainable and participatory development.

Our projects in sight

Through these projects, AHDESC-TOGO contributes, with the help of donors and kind-hearted people, to the happiness of children and people in need.

How to help?

Humanitarian internships

Through humanitarian internships, we sensitize the population on different topics for their well-being.

To make donations

We donate food, clothing and anything that can help poor and needy children.

Construction camps

We organize camps with cultural and socio-educational activities to communicate with children living in remote areas.

To collect funds

We collect physical and material gifts to enable the poor to support themselves.

Our events

We help

Thousands children in cities and the villages.

Your donations are very useful to us. It is guaranteed.

Promote access and education for disadvantaged children (girls and boys) in rural Togo and other countries in the subregion

Make sure children and parents have access to basic medical care.

Thanks to your one-off donations or monthly sponsorship, you provide direct and effective help.

Make emergency interventions in any part of the country by helping children suffering from diseases or needing food

Send food to children and parents in need in all regions of Togo and the sub-region.

A new way to participate in the evolution of poor children

Thanks to our association, you can help in one way or another to help poor children and all those who need food, clothes or school problems.


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