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Clothing donations

Today's children are the adults of tomorrow. We understood that with the level of children and the precarious situation of parents in the villages, only urgent and punctual action would be profitable and effective. This evidence is essential to describe our purpose. In Togo, most rural communities do not have easy access to basic social services. So as we leave the city of Lomé for remote village, the first remark we make on the presentation of the villagers is that the clothing of the young (more precisely children) is not appropriate if we refer to those of the big cities of Togo where everyone runs behind fashion. To overcome this shortcoming and bring more in the life of all these young people or children, AHDESC-TOGO (Humanitarian Association for Educational and Socio-Cultural Development) initiated this microproject to help these people improve the appearance of clothing then solve all the problems that this could cause.

How to participate in this microproject?

You have clothes in your rooms that you think are old or that you no longer use, You have clothes you do not know what to do, Send them to us and we will take care of washing them, ironing them, putting them in cardboard or bags and then distribute them to those young people or children who really need them. You can buy used clothes balls and send them to us.