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The different types of construction camps

The association AHDESC-TOGO organizes as building site:

It is a site that is open to volunteers with artistic talents or who want to know the African culture in its depths.
The volunteers will produce t-shirts, boubous, paintings (batik) and postcards. They will learn about woodcarving, percussion lessons and African dances. This project will end with an exhibition and presentation of the batiks and the theater play and the dances they will have made and learned during the construction. The sale of the various objects of this project will finance the education of a certain number of destitute children. Volunteers can bring brushes, paint and white T-shirts for batik art.


This project brings together volunteers who want to share their knowledge and experiences. From Monday to Friday, 4 hours will be allocated during the morning. The afternoons will be devoted to cultural and recreational activities. In primary school there will be a supervision almost at all levels (mathematics, sciences, grammars, conjugations, general culture ...)

In high school, supervision will be in French, mathematics, science, English, physical education and sports, general culture ......

Weekends excursions will be organized to visit the best tourist sites in the country. Volunteers will bring school supplies and small gifts for the fair at the end of the camp to reward the best students and encourage others to enjoy studying.


In Togo, the rural population often faces problems related to primary health but also to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV / AIDS; this project is organized to make a contribution, and to put an end to these scourges which seriously impede the development of our environments which far from the cities and the eyes are a little forgotten. On this site, the volunteers will organize programmed thematic sensitization sessions, door-to-door and mass awareness campaigns on the themes of contraception, STIs / HIV / AIDS through skits, scenic tales, theater, film screenings and distribution of condoms and flyers.

This project is organized with the aim of renovating or revitalizing the existing infrastructures (schools, clinics, community toilets, markets ... ..). The work depends on the need of the environment. Some masonry, carpentry, plastering and painting. You can bring gangs, brushes and decorative items.


The worksites aim to carry out a work of collective utility to promote intercultural exchanges. Thus, they will take place during the week, and weekends will be devoted to leisure activities and discoveries. Here is a prototype day camp camp:

06 : 00  Réveil

06 : 20- 07 : 00  chores

07 h 20 : 07 h 50 - Breakfast

08 h 00 : 12 h 00 - Work on the site

12 h 00 : 13 h 00 - Lunch + reading of the previous day's report

13 h 00 :  14 h 30 - Rest (nap)

15 h 00 : 17 h 00 - Hobbies

18 h 00 : 19 h 00 - chores

19 h 15 : 20 h 00 - Having dinner

20 : 30 :22 h 30 - Debates or chats on the African or European realities, songs and dances to the sound of the djembe.

23 : 00 - Time of silence on the site. Weekends are free and are reserved for excursions to the tourist sites of the country.


The costs of participation in the camps are seventy-five (75) euros € per week.