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Humanitarian internships

For a graduate student, fresh out of college, an internship at a company or NGO abroad is a unique opportunity to forge real on-the-ground experience and significantly strengthen your resume. Through the AHDESC-TOGO courses, trainees have the opportunity to participate in the social projects of the association and to discover the culture of the country. Without proper application procedure, our partners, companies, associations or local NGOs, welcome you in different services according to your expectations and your course. The internships take place in Lomé, the capital, and can be transferred to the country according to the needs of the volunteer trainee.

During the internship, volunteers must be punctual, professional and hardworking. You will work an average of 40 hours a week, usually Monday to Friday. For each internship, a supervisor will be assigned to you from the first day of your arrival to accompany you throughout your stay. A member of the association will be at your disposal to help you, assist you in your classes in town and answer all your questions. Your motivation and interest will be good opportunities to communicate with them and gain new knowledge.

With free tuition fees in public primary schools in Togo, nursery schools have experienced a convergence of children aged 3 to 5 in kindergartens and kindergartens. On the other hand, the number of preschool teachers is decreasing year by year and the available teachers are extremely overworked. This project aims to relieve some pre-school teachers by helping expatriate volunteers.

Work to do :

Volunteers will participate in all activities of the center, including:

  • Help educators supervise children during the various activities;
  • Work with children in different workshops: modeling and making of various objects, collage and drawing, games, talks, music and dance, stories and songs;
  • Cultural and artistic activities;
  • Assist teachers in daily work with children
  • It is also possible to develop a joint curriculum with teachers.

Volunteers are also allowed to present the typical cultural aspects of their country: singing, dancing, etc.

The qualification of the volunteer

Specialization such as: psychologist, specialized educator, speech therapist, social worker would be an asset.


This project is also open to any available volunteer who likes to listen and communicate patiently with children.

  • Period: October to May;
  • Duration: The minimum duration of this project is two (2) weeks.

Children with intellectual disabilities are often marginalized and rejected by society and considered a burden or curse for their families. The primary objective of these associative structures is to facilitate the integration of the handicapped child by offering him a school education then a vocational training taking into account the competences of the child.

From then on, these centers try to improve the living conditions of the child in order to straighten him up and allow him to lead a life as autonomous as possible. It was important that steps be taken to ensure that these children were provided with adequate education and training for a better future.

This project is open to anyone who accepts the particularity of these children and is dedicated to their cause.

Work to do :

The volunteers will work in the center as assistant teachers and will provide socio-cultural and cultural animation through games, songs ...

  • Period: from September to May;
  • Duration: The minimum duration is 3 to 4 weeks.

The project "Assistance for Primary and Secondary School Teachers" will raise the level of pupils in decline from year to year because of the crying lack of teaching staff and the plethoric number of pupils in the schools. schools on the other hand.

AHDESC-TOGO, aware of the negative impact of the plethoric number on the results of the end-of-year exams, initiates this type of project as a long-term project in order to:

  • provide effective assistance to students in their studies;
  • support ill-gotten chapters and complete unfinished programs;
  • initiate with them a study method for an adequate preparation of the end-of-year exams.


  • French teacher and in charge of extracurricular activities;
  • English teacher and extracurricular activities manager;
  • German teacher and in charge of extracurricular activities;
  • Professor of Mathematics or Physical Sciences and in charge of extracurricular activities;
  • Professor of design and head of extra-curricular activities;
  • Music teacher and head of extracurricular activities;
  • Sports teacher and responsible for extra-curricular activities.

Work to do

The volunteers will be placed in schools and will do an internship with a teacher to immerse themselves in the country's education system and assist them in their tasks. They will then be able to prepare in collaboration with a teacher and organize support courses in accordance with the country's curricula, with a view to providing more adequate supervision to primary and secondary school pupils; Volunteers will work approximately six (6) hours per day, depending on the schedule. They will intervene in the subjects of their choice;


Languages ​​(French, English, German, Spanish), Professor of Drawing, Music and Sport, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The volunteer must be able to appreciate teamwork and keep in touch with the children. Extra-curricular activities are strongly encouraged. Volunteers are invited to bring any documents they can use.

Period: October to July

Duration: The minimum duration is three (3) weeks.

NB: Qualification of the volunteer: For the primary school: specialized training is required For the college: a level BAC + 2 or training at the École normale is required, For high school: a level of training BAC + 4 or equivalent is required.

This project aims to welcome young people and older people (aged 18 and over) who want to know Togolese culture in depth, especially in rural areas. It will be for expatriates a real opportunity to discover the realities, the habits and customs of the locality visited. By participating and integrating into the daily activities of the community, the volunteer can easily interact with the villagers. Steps will be organized to allow volunteers to better understand the environment in which they will be hosted. Atmospheres of traditional songs dancing around the fire.

The following guided tours and program sites will be visited according to the choice and capacity of the volunteers:

  • Pic d'Agou (the highest point of Togo);
  • the Nangbeto Dam (Atakpamé);
  • Zogbegan Monastery (Danyi);
  • Kpalime Craft Center;
  • Craft Center (Lomé);
  • The fetish market (lome);
  • Other production or handicraft exhibition centers (Lome);
  • TAMBERMA castles (UNESCO World Heritage);

The conditions for participation in the project are specific in that they aim at enabling the AHDESC-TOGO structure to implement the activities included in its action plan and to strengthen its operational, organizational and human capacities.

PERIOD: All year depending on the availability of the volunteer.

This project is initiated to support the actions carried out at the level of the centers of social medicine of Lomé and other peripheral cities. The project aims to overcome the lack of caregivers. For specialists (midwives, nurses, laboratory technicians) in health who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in tropical medicine, this project is strongly indicated. Anyone wishing to do an internship or attend or serve as a caregiver may be admitted.

Work to do

Volunteers will help carers to care for and help patients. The centers have laboratories for analysis, medical services and maternities where the different bodies of medicine can work. The qualification of the volunteer Training in the field of health is necessary.

Period: all year depending on the availability of the volunteer.

Duration: The minimum duration is 3 weeks and can extend over several months, or even a year, depending on the availability of the volunteer trainee.

It is a mission of:

  • follow the consultations;
  • go to the hospital, see the sick and discuss with them;
  • diagnose the factors favoring the appearance of the disease (cultural and linguistic factors) ...

In order to meet the motivations and perspectives of students and trainees in the field of hydraulics, we are pleased to announce that you will be part of ours to perfect your professional life, because we work in the environment in general and in hydraulics in particular. . We work in partnership with some structures of our country for the realization of many projects of village water in which you put your knowledge, your experience and your techniques, and vice versa.

Work to do :

The volunteer will be assigned to tasks such as engineering, consulting, prospecting and design work, construction of boreholes, maintenance of equipment.

That consists of :

  • to take charge of the rehabilitation of people suffering from various traumas as a result of accidents, paralysis, back pain, neurological disorders, breathing difficulties ..;
  • work with babies, children, adults and seniors. After reading patients' medical records after an examination;
  • establish a rehabilitation program (methods, means, duration ...) that suits them best. It is then to make the patient perform a series of movements, with or without equipment (ball, dumbbells ...) that he monitors and corrects the execution. He can also practice massages to relieve pain. Rehabilitation can sometimes be done in the pool or under a heat source.

PERIOD: all year depending on the availability of the volunteer;

DURATION: The minimum duration is 3 weeks.

In Togo, the majority of companies are still reluctant to train their agents. Considering all the advantages that the agent or the company can obtain, a particular accent must be put on the development of the actors' skills.

On the legal side, there is still no law requiring employers to send their agents to training or take stock of skills, as in Western countries. An effort is underway to regulate the vocational training sector and the State has also established a National Fund for Apprenticeship Training and Vocational Training (FNAFPP).

This fund allows the state to subsidize skills development actions in public and private companies. In order to support the State's actions in this area, the AHDESC-TOGO (Humanitarian Association for Educational and Sociocultural Development) has launched this project entitled "TRAINING PROJECT" to enable any qualified trainer who wishes, through action humanitarian, share knowledge and skills in all areas.

Work to do :

Training seminars will be organized by the association, which volunteer trainers can coordinate according to their field of activity.

NB: The volunteer will have the necessary tools to carry out his mission.

In Togo, apart from football, the other disciplines are at an embryonic stage. Although federations exist, they are not really operational due to lack of financial, material and infrastructure resources. AHDESC-TOGO, one of whose main objectives is to promote the development of sport in urban and rural areas, aware of these problems which hamper the development of disciplines in the country; initiated this project to support these different federations in the promotion and development of its disciplines through regular championships.

You are responsible for the federations, club president (basketball, volleyball, rugby, football .......) And you wish, through your volunteering, to promote the sport, AHDESC-TOGO puts at your disposal this project for help you in your goals.

The cost of participation in humanitarian internships is seventy-five (75) euros per week.