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December 25 is celebrated in most countries around the world as Children's Day. This date has always been a special occasion for parents to be closer to bring a little smile in the daily lives of their children with small gifts here and there. This gesture of the parents brings in the heart of his children a certain joy which results in the smile that they have on the lips that day. In TOGO, there are many children who have the misfortune to be born in poor families and have never experienced these moments of joy and happiness simply because parents can not afford to offer them the minimum in holiday season. Without forgetting the orphans, this number increases gradually, once we leave Lomé the capital for the villages a little remote of the capital and the big cities of the country.

In order to bring joy to the hearts of these children (poor and orphans) and give them a little smile during the end of the year holidays, AHDESC-TOGO initiated this microproject entitled "CHRISTMAS FOR ALL CHILDREN" to be closer to these children.


AHDESC-TOGO will organize meetings with its children that the volunteer will be able to animate with games-contests (songs, recitations, dances ....) In collaboration with some members of the association. The volunteer will give presents to his children, if possible exchanged with them.

  • The volunteer can bring the gifts or buy them on the spot as soon as he arrives;
  • The participation fee for this project is 85 Euros per week;
  • A financial report will be prepared by the association and given to the volunteer before his departure.

DURATION: the minimum duration for this project is two (2) weeks