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Useful information

Before your arrival

We kindly ask you to send us your flight plan (company and schedules) as soon as possible so that we can organize and guarantee your reception at the airport. We recommend that you arrive in Togo one (1) or two (2) days before the start of the project so that the gathering of volunteers at AHDESC-TOGO headquarters does not affect the smooth running of the project.

Airport reception

Whatever the time of your arrival, a voluntary team of the association will be at the airport to welcome you in very good conditions. You will recognize him on his "AHDESC-TOGO" sign. If you find it difficult to locate it or to notify you of any last-minute changes in your flight plan, you can use the following contacts:

  • YOVOGAN k. Fofo :…………………………..……….(00228) 93 25 81 85 
  • AGOUNKE Nicolas :…………………………………...(00228) 90 58 79 79

It is strongly recommended to apply for a visa before taking the flight to Togo. Indeed, some airlines may refuse you access to the aircraft without a visa (rare cases). Moreover, to obtain a visa when arriving in Togo requires a few days of presence in the capital; This may not be compatible with the organization of the project (camp site or internship). In this case, it is requested to arrive 3 days before the start of the work to complete the formalities.

It is also strongly recommended that you take appointment with a doctor several days or even weeks before departure in order to take stock of the medications to take and the precautions to take (before, during and after your stay).

Preventive treatment should be prescribed. It is also advisable to carry with you mosquito repellent sprays (specific to tropical areas), to wear long sleeves and long legs at night and to carry a mosquito net.

The yellow fever vaccine is mandatory in order to enter the Togolese territory. It is strongly recommended to be vaccinated against: tetanus, meningitis, typhoid fever and epathitis. Vaccination records are mandatory at Lomé airport. Do not forget to take it with you. Plan a basic medicine kit for small injuries and daily ailments.

Normally, you will not have to spend a lot of money on the premises:

  • Work Camps (the main expenses being borne by the participation fees).
  • Internships agreements, (accommodation, and catering will be the responsibility of the association but travel expenses to get to workplaces, outings and small races will be at your expense).

We will offer you on arrival to keep your money in a safe place so as to limit any risk of loss or theft. We will also advise you to make a photocopy of your passport (with the page of the visa) with which you will be able to circulate on the Togolese territory and to entrust us your passport.

Do not forget to bring a sleeping bag or even a small carpet for comfort. Just as we must not forget some warm and comfortable clothes. In rain, harmattan, monsoon, nights can be cool. Also, plan for a rain suit. Provide a flashlight (the headlamps are very convenient for night activities). The laundry is done by hand!

It is desirable that the volunteers bring, according to the project on which they are registered, material able to facilitate the realization of the activities. For example, for a tutoring project, reading books, French and English dictionaries, drawing papers, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and markers ... are useful material for setting up activities.


For food, it is provided by AHDESC TOGO which will allow you to discover local varieties. Regarding water, always drink mineral water in your pocket or bottle.

The distribution of funds

The funds paid by the volunteers are distributed as follows:

  • The organization of project activities: 90%
  • AHDESC-TOGO administrative management: 10%.


On weekends, you can explore the riches of our beautiful country. You will be accompanied by local volunteers for security reasons. You will meet the Togolese culture because locals know their area very well. We encourage fair tourism. In this case, it is up to the expatriate volunteer to take charge of the local volunteer who will accompany him.

Financial resources

The Togolese government does not award grants to associations. There is therefore very little financial resources available for projects. The association works thanks to the contributions of its members and the expenses of participation of the volunteers to the projects. The association puts all its work on the intellectual skills, techniques, will, efforts and commitment.

All of these participation fees constitute the budget of the association. For this purpose, the participation fees of the volunteer are used in the prospecting, the administrative procedures, the execution of the project, the purchase of materials, the accommodation, the accommodation of the volunteers during the stay and the follow-ups of the project.

Participation fee

The participation fee is mandatory for any volunteer who wishes to participate in AHDESC-TOGO internships and camps projects projects.
Attendance fees for internships or camps are as high as seventy-five (75) € per person per week.

This amount takes into account the accommodation and catering costs from the 1st to the last day (internships or camps camps humanitarian).

Travel, accommodation and catering, between the arrival in Lome and the beginning and end (internships agreements or humanitarian camps camps) are the responsibility of the association.